Friday, October 1, 2010

Langkawi sweet as chocs

This time in Langkawi. It was a relief for me because i was very tired of all my work at campus. I wanted to get out of uia and enjoy myself. Thank God for my family to bring me a holiday.

Well, we went to Langkawi by plane from Subang airport. We boarded the firefly=) it was a one hour trip. I got dizzy on the airplane as usual>_< arghh but i was alrite in the end.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Songs i Love

im a music lover!! =) huhu usually, i'l check for latest cool songs..but many songs i love i hear from movies or tv shows..a soundtrack or this post i'l tell u the
TOP 10 songs i love=) if u havnt heard these songs or downloaded them yet..please do so!! Enjoy


1. Love the way you lie - Eminem feat Rihanna

2. If it's Love - Train

3. When I look at you - Miley Cyrus

4. This Modern Love - Bloc Party

5. Beautiful Beat - Nada Surf

6. Airplanes - B.o.B feat Haley Williams

7. Automatic - Tokio Hotel

8. Impossible - Shontelle

9. I'm Gonna Be - The Proclaimers

10. Naturally - Selena Gomez & The Scene

Saturday, June 12, 2010

The pangkor island holiday fever

Its a long time since my family went on a holiday. So on may, last month, we went to Pangkor. huhu actually the original plan was to go to Redang but all the hotels was fully booked. Then we tried Kapas and Tioman but they were full too. So our last resort was to go to Pangkor. It wasnt bad..Actually it wasnt bad at all=) check out the pictures~

This is at the Lumut jetty. We were were one of the first to enter the ferry.

It takes us a 30minute ride to reach the island. We arrived at the hotel at 11a.m. and went snorkeling at 12. huhu

Haha this is my brother in his snorkeling equipment. From the beach we had to pay rm10 per person for the boat ride to the snorkeling place.

This was the boat that took us to the island.

The water is not that clear but if you have a bread in hand, seriously you will be surrounded by beautiful fishes. I even found nemo=) huhu..The best thing was i caught a crab. but my leg got injured badly because i had to be near the rocks to catch it and the waves were rough.

my foot after i got hit by a wave to a rock just to catch a crab..haha got me in pretty bad shape.

I dont know about Redang but this place isnt half bad. Anyway we snorkeled until evening. We were hungry after that so we went to a stall that sells jagong bakar=) yummy corn!!

The next stop was to eat seafood.=) so we ordered udang n sotong tepung, chicken lemon, ikan 3rase..huhu

we did the same thing the next day. It was a 3day 2 night trip. The next day we enjoyed the beach of pangkor. The waves are rough.huhu so we jumped in everytime the big waves hit shore=)

and this is where i let go of the crab i cought..

On the third day we head for home but my grandmother wanted some gifts from pangkor. But we just decided to buy sotong kering at lumut for her. huhu..well not a bad holiday right?=)

Friday, June 11, 2010

The Room in which I Dwell

Its been long since i wrote an entry in my blog. Ive been busy with classes and my research proposal this semester. But now the long awaited semester break has finally arrived. In this post, i'l show u my room in IIUM and the stuff i keep in it. I stayed in room 3.5 Mahallah ALI. I'l start with my study table.

well, the table is meant for a pc. As u can see it has a place for the keyboard but i dont have a pc so i put my reference books there haha. The table has only one drawer which is where i placed my iron.

2. The Mysterious Flower

The flower in a coke cup on the left corner of the table is something that was already there when i checked in the room. It is somewhat creepy and sad so i didnt touch it at all. Nothing special about it really.hehehe~

3. The Blue Board

I never really used it, i just pinned my check in slip on it and nothing else till the end of the semester. hehe such a waste actually~

4. Do the Dew

Its my favorite carbonate drink. I drank this bitch since i was a kid. In New Zealand where i stayed as a child, it was very famous and i was happy to find them selling it at the kiosk downstairs. I would buy a bottle a day huhu=)

5. The Glorious Holy Quran

Its the guide of mankind=) so of course i have one. Actually, i have two. Well my arabic is bad and i dont like when i dont understand what i read so i have a translation. I will read its beautiful verses after maghrib without fail.

6. My Acer Aspire 4520

My lappy that has been with me since i first entered the main campus of IIUM. Many say that Acer isnt a good brand for a laptop but i thin otherwise. It hasnt caused any trouble for me since i brought it. huhu such a good boy arent ya?=)

7. The Upper shelf

This is where i keep my F&N rutbeer cordial, Maggi, and aslo my 3 in 1 Milo=)

8. The Green Locker

Its the locker without a lock.haha i never brought one. Anyway, i dont keep anything valuable inside except my clothing.

9. The bags Threesome

I have 3bags. In the picture below u can see, the middle is my echolac laptop bag. It cost me Rm230 to get one. I bought it at a pc fair at KLCC. The bag on the right is my armadillo bag. I usually bring it to classes. It cost Rm99.90. The one on the left is my green sling bag that i seldom use. Its very cheap, i think around rm50.

10. The Bed=)

This is where it all happens..haha i usually spend 99.9% of time here where i will shut my eyes motionless=p very cozy hehe

well, basicly, thats it. My room which i stay n sleep every semester. But im not always in my room cause my work requires very big tables and are available only at my kulliyyah. huhu